Zhi Lin

Zhi Lin


My Artist biography: me and my “One Child”

My name is Zhi Lin. I was born in a small town in China in 1988. In the year I was born, China began to implement “family planning.” That is, a couple can only have one child. If you have more children, you will be subject to legal sanctions. In our childhood, it means the lonlieness of an era, and the children of tens of millions of new families are as lonely as me. This is the inspiration fo the “One Child” cartoon image I painted. Read more>

Representative works

Paintings: linz & one child theme series Musical works: [you to listen] [black dog] Fiction: Issue [one child] 150,000 word novel

1988–Born in Shantou, Guangdong, China
2007–Studied in Art and Design Department, Jilin Animation College
2010—produced the painting,[one child], and a novel of 10,000 words.
2011– Establish linz & one child art and design studio in Guangzhou
2013–Thailand Midnice gallery exhibition and accept the Hong Kong ChaoShang TV interview
2014– Bangkok Midnice gallery held a solo exhibition theme [playboy], And signing Bangkok ARTHA Gallery
2015– Bangkok Thailand Rebel art gallery held a solo exhibition theme [You know on which side the Thailand is? It is right besides you!].
2017—“The “The Crowd” theme solo exhibition opens in the midnice gallery2018—Accept the invitation of the Bangkok work face and hold a personal art speech.