Norther Catskill Mountains: Guy Chirico, Sr.

Northern Catskill Mountains: Guy Chirico, Sr.

#Guy Chirico, Sr

Mr. Chirico is an internationally known painter and muralist whose works are on display in private collections in England, France, and Germany as well as in the United States. Maintaining a studio and residence in the town of Hunter, he has turned his fine eye to capturing the beauty of the landscape in the Catskill Mountain Region. Using delicate, vibrating colors and a masterful technique, the paintings show a strong contrast of approaches to the landscape. — Albany Times

Exhibition: August 10 to September 9, 2018
Wine & Cheese Reception August 11,2018

Northern Catskill Mountain and Hudson Valley Landscapes: Guy Chirico, Sr.

Guy Chirico’s work, including “Brush Onteora Park.” embodies the color and space of the original Hudson River School. — Albany Times Union.